About the Author

India Hill Brown’s debut novel, The Forgotten Girl, which R.L. Stine says will haunt you, releases this year on November 5, 2019. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s likely talking about reading or writing on her YouTube channel, BooksandBigHair. She graduated from Claflin University with a BA in Mass Communications with a concentration in Print Journalism. Her freelance work has been published in Teen VogueEssenceSesi MagApartment Therapy, and The Everygirl. Born in Columbia, SC, she’s a country girl, through and through. After living and working in NYC for a bit, she’s back in the Carolinas with her husband. She loves God, family, Beyoncé, and (preferably spicy) snacks.

Fun Facts!

Beyoncé is my favorite singer ever, ever.

My favorite books include Anne of Green Gables and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

I’m a Snack Queen. I loovee chips (particularly Flamin’ Hot Fries!)

I’m a Christian, and I love Jesus!



  • Last week, after visiting those 8 amazing schools, I went straight to Spartanburg, SC to attend the Southeastern Independent Booksellers Alliance Trade Show. I was a part of the Author Parapalooza, where I was invited to read a favorite paragraph of THE FORGOTTEN GIRL. ❄️ I had such a great time meeting and talking to different booksellers, meet fellow members of #TeamScholastic, and of course, grabbing some books! 📚 I truly love this bookish community. #SIBA
  • Last school visit of last week but certainly not the least!! Barrow Elementary (@barrowmediacenter!) I have soo many pictures and videos in my phone of the students and I playing hand clap games (an old favorite - slide, and a new one- avocado?!?) and of us hugging and talking to each other. It was an amazing experience. Barrow also invited Fred Smith Jr. the day before I visited to talk about segregated cemeteries in Athens, including the slave burial grounds at UGA 👀 I thought it was incredible that the students learned about segregated cemeteries in their area!! There’s a blog post about it on their page, so please check it out (I’ll link it when Instagram lets me!) Barrow, thank you for an unforgettable experience. ❤️❤️❤️ 📷: @rhythmofrob & Barrow
  • Oconee County reminded me so much of my elementary school!! It was so warm and loving and filled with some of my favorite childhood books. It made me so nostalgic! And I got some great scary novel recommendations from students. I instantly felt comfortable and loved talking with everyone. ❤️
📷: @rhythmofrob @scholasticbookfairs 
  • Rocky Branch Elementary!! I had so much fun here and I was asked some of the funniest questions 🤣 I loved talking to the students and amazing staff, I felt so welcomed! 💙 📷: @rhythmofrob
  • Next is Dove Creek Elementary (@dces_mediacenter!!) They had the most amazing set up for me to present from. 🥰 I loved talking to the kids there and looking through their selection of children’s books!! 💙💙
📷: @rhythmofRob and @dces_mediacenter 
  • Westmont Elementary!! So this campus was beautiful and I was greeted by a cool mural upon walking in (pictured!!) this is also the first school where I saw my book on display at a book fair!! 🥰🥰 I had a great time talking to students, teachers, and media center specialists! @scholasticbookfairs @scholasticinc 📷: @rhythmofrob
  • Sue Reynolds Elementary. Loved this school! I was instantly greeted by four girls who started reading THE FORGOTTEN GIRL right after the signing. 🥰🥰 I also talked with a classroom of students who were writing their own book! And, I got to visit the kids at recess. ❤️ an amazing time!
  • NEXT UP! Martinez Elementary. I think I laughed the hardest at this school 😂❤️ the students and staff were so warm and funny! I instantly felt welcomed and knew that these students are loved and nurtured. I had an amazing time talking to them about The Forgotten Girl, meeting them, and signing their books!! 📷: @rhythmofrob 
@scholasticinc @scholasticbookfairs