29 Jun 2018

The Importance of a Thank You Note, with the Basic Invite Website

Unless you’re eloping or having a destination wedding, planning a wedding can really take a village. There are so many things you may need advice on, or help with, like stamping envelopes or picking bridesmaids dresses.

That village can be anyone: a wedding team you’ve hired, your mom, mom-in-law, grandmother or aunts, your bridesmaids, or, like me, a combination of all of these people.Which is why, after the day is over, it’s important to Thank your village in some way. Enter the Thank You card.

We haven’t sent out our Thank You cards yet (something I definitely need to get on ASAP and will be putting in my Powersheets as a goal to remember) but I’m definitely loving (and will be using!) the samples Basic Invite sent me to try.

The Thank You card is a great and tangible way to really thank someone for anything they’ve done for you leading up to a big day or event – not just weddings, but any type of party, baby shower, or even just a huge favor. Maybe it’s because of my Southern upbringing, but my mom always talks about the importance of Thank You Notes, and I agree. It can be hard to remember everything you want to say face-to-face sometimes, and let’s face it, I am not that reliable at texting back, but Thank You Notes combine everything I love – pretty cards, pens, and the ability to take my time to respond 🙂

Our actual Thank You Cards will probably include wedding photos as well, but I absolutely love these from Basic Invites. I customized the card to make them reflect our wedding colors (Steel blue, blush, and gold) and add our names. The inside is blank, so we can add a personalized message for each person we want to send them to. The quality is so nice and thick, the colors vibrant and true to what I saw on the screen, and, for the amount of customization I requested, they arrive pretty fast.

Basic Invites has SO much more to offer besides the Thank You Notes, too. I actually found them after Rob and I ordered our invitations, but they have so many inexpensive options, including thing like menus and seating charts. You can even design your wedding website here. After realizing that I could order stationery and business cards here, I realized this was a one stop shop for paper goods and all things wedding. Plus, they’re actually having a sale right now, with 15% off everything!

Do you typically write thank you cards? How do you/did go about doing it? I’ve love to know!

*This post was kindly sponsored by Basic Invite.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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